Confraternität Private Hospital

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A number of rebuilding, expansion and further development activities carried out in the last few years have turned the hospital into a modern and very efficient private hospital.“Confraternität” is not only a private hospital for inpatient treatments, but also a day clinic, doctors’ centre and a prevention clinic for early detection of diseases.



Oncology: lung, gastro-intestinal tract, urology, haemato-oncology
Men’s Health: urology and andrology
Musculoskeletal system: Center for orthopedic surgery, Center for sports and joint surgery, Center for foot surgery
Cardiology: conservative cardiology, heart catheter laboratory – all invasive cardiologic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
Surgery: abdominal surgery, vascular surgery, adipositas surgery, thyroid gland surgery, ENT surgery, urologic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, thorax surgery, reconstructive, plastic & aesthetic surgery
Ophtalmology: eye surgery

You can reach the clinic at


The “Confraternität” Private Hospital is situated in the very centre of Vienna, not far from the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) and is easily accessible with public transport.


Skodagasse 32, 1080 Vienna

+43 1 401145873

Airport: Vienna 25 km

Confraternität Private Hospital


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