Döbling Private Hospital

Vienna International Health Center

“Döbling” Private Hospital and its multifunctional outpatient clinic offer all services from preventive care, highly modern diagnostics, complex surgery, post-operative therapy and rehabilitation – all under one roof.  


Women’s health: gynecology, childbirth, fertility center – IVF, breast health Musculoskeletal system: endoprothetics, traumatology, minimal-invasive joint-surgery, Osteitis-center, Center for cartilage regeneration and orthobiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation Gastro-intestinal tract: Center for endoscopy, Reflux center Oncology: thyroid gland, gastro-intestinal tract, gynecology, urology Surgery: abdominal surgery, adipositas surgery, ENT surgery, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery Preventive programs: “check-up”   You can reach the clinic at international@pkd.at


“Döbling” Private Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Vienna and can be reached from the city center in a few minutes.


Heiligenstaedter Str. 57-63, 1190 Vienna

Airport: Vienna 26 km

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